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Quotes and experiences from patients who had iLASIK or other refractive surgeries with Dr. Timothy D McGarity.

lasik patient #94“I was tired of the hassle that came with contacts.  Also, my eyes were becoming very dry and would often hurt after a long day on the computer.  The team at Dr. McGarity’s office is very professional and welcoming.  We have never had to wait and the appointments are quick and efficient.  I have already recommended several of my friends to Restoration Eye Care.  After having LASIK, I can’t believe that I didn’t have the procedure done years ago.  My vision is perfect and my eyes feel great!  This was one of the best decisions I have ever made!”                                ~Josh Babcock, Columbia, MO

lasik patient #91-Ratliff“I just wanted to be able to wake up in the morning (or middle of the night) and be able to see.  I was tired of  worrying about having back up contacts or glasses always available.  Dr. McGarity and his staff are super friendly and does a great job of making a nerve-wracking situation not so scary.  After having LASIK, I love always being able to see things!  Things are still adjusting a bit, but it’s such an improvement!”               ~Lauren Ratliff, Olathe, KS

lasik patient #92-Renaud“I became fed up with irritating contact lenses.  Often my contacts were dry and painful.  Dr. McGarity and his staff are friendly and efficient.  I didn’t realize how much time I wasted fussing with contacts and glasses.  I hope the price drops so that more people can experience LASIK!”          ~Rachel Renaud, Columbia, MO

lasik patient #93-Arnold“I’ve wanted LASIk done ever since my great-grandmother had her eyes done when I was 12.  Wearing glasses has always been bothersome for me since I was 7.  I finally have ‘eye freedom’ as my great-grandmother would say! 🙂  Dr. McGarity and his staff are very kind and professional.  Everyone was so informative and very helpful.  They made me feel comfortable at all times!  I still can’t believe I no longer wear glasses or contacts.  The feeling is Amazing!”                ~Laura Arnold, Columbia, MO

“It has been my dream to wake up in the morning and be able to see without having to put on my glasses.  Dr. McGarity and his staff are highly skilled professionals who are knowledgeable as well as courteous and caring.  They do an excellent job caring for you and your vision.  Since my procedure, my dream has come true!  I can see without putting on my glasses in the morning.  It’s great not having to worry about the glasses or contacts and buying supplies.  I love being able to see using my eyes alone!”                                    ~Kelley Carlson, Greentop, MO

lasik patient #90“I didn’t like glasses and I was tired of contact.  I was a little scared to have the procedure, but it turned out to be no big deal.  I’m so glad I had it done!  Dr. McGarity and his staff were very helpful and understanding of my concerns.  My vision now is so clear.  No more dry, scratchy eyes from contacts and no more dirty glasses.  I can see better than my husband now!”                      ~Mamie Smith, Auxvasse, MO

“I made the decision to have LASIK to be free from glasses since I live a very outdoor lifestyle with my family.  My experience was quick, easy, very friendly and enjoyable.  I would recommend to anyone wishing to get rid of glasses.  My vision now is very good!  Excellent results!”            ~Todd Reinerd, Sturgeon, MO 

lasik patient #88“Wearing glasses and contacts was always a nuisance and not to mention a reoccurring cost.  Now, I wake up every morning good to go!  Everyone at Dr. McGarity’s office was helpful and courteous.  Dr. McGarity, himself, was very knowledgeable and personable.  I would highly recommend his office to anyone interested in laser surgery.  My vision is very good now and getting better.  Every once in a while my eyes get sore or dry, but this was expected and is becoming less frequent.  I am very glad I had the operation!”                   ~Jonathan Hund, Columbia, MO



lasik patient #86“I got tired of my glasses and the problems of always having to wear them while awake.  Dr. McGarity and his staff were very professional and took the time to make sure I was comfortable and relaxed with the procedure.  My vision is perfect!  The recovery from surgery was short and painless.  No more glasses!!”                ~Nick Tumlin, Macon, MO



lasik patient #87“I have worn glasses for 32 years and I was over it!  A few of my friends had the procedure done and was very pleased… so that’s when I decided to do it.  It’s GREAT!  Dr. McGarity and his staff are super friendly!  They made me feel very comfortable with everything.  They were available any time I had questions.  My vision is great!  So nice not to get up reaching for glasses.  I love waking up and being able to see the clock, the little things” 🙂                                         ~Steve Fort, IT Tech and Farmer, Wellsville, MO



lasik patient #84“I work in dusty conditions, so my glasses were always dusty and had scratches on them.  I work outside, so in the summer I would get sweat rashes where the glasses rested on my face.  All of my appointments were on time.  Very little time was wasted in the office.  Dr. McGarity and his entire staff acts very professional.  All aspects of LASIK and after care was well explained.  I can see better now than I ever could with glasses.  I would recommend that everyone at least consider having LASIK.”                       ~Ricky Hilgedick, Farmer, Hartsburg, MO



lasik patient #85“Contacts were not an effective option due to dry eyes.  I wanted to be able to do simple activities such as swimming and watching tv in bed, while still being able to see.  Dr. McGarity and his staff are friendly, professional, very easy to work with and informative.  They went the extra mile to make sure I was comfortable with the procedure.  Wow, I am so glad I had the surgery!  I have 20/20 vision for the first time in many years.  Love it!”               ~Carrie Broniec, Project Manager, Social Services



lasik patient #82“My occupation is fire fighting, which involves wearing a mask that seal around my face.  I cannot wear glasses because the mask won’t seal.  Also, my job involves late nights of running emergency calls, so my contacts would get very dried out.  Dr. McGarity and his staff are very professional, courteous and explained the process well.  My surgery was successful and the price was reasonable!  My vision is Great!  I am able to get up during the night to go on calls without my eyes feeling dry.  It took a couple of weeks for things to clear up, but now I am seeing 20/15.  I feel the freedom of not being tide to contacts or glasses!”              ~Evan Jennings, Firefighter, Kirksville, MO


“I wanted something more permanent, so I don’t have to worry about the hassle of glasses or contacts.  Dr. McGarity and his staff are great at what they do.  Dr. McGarity was awesome and the nurses were so nice and knowledgeable.  My vision is 20/20 now and it’s great!  I would recommend Dr. McGarity and his staff to anyone looking to get LASIK!”         ~Nick Grosvenor, Columbia, MO

lasik patient #83“My distance vision was not what it used to be.  I felt full time glasses would be a necessity and I did not want to wear glasses at work.  Dr. McGarity and his staff are very polite, professional and explained the process well.  Although I still use glasses to read, my distance vision has returned.  I no longer squint and struggle to see at a distance.  Basically, I can see again!”                    ~Don Hawkins, Sturgeon, MO



“I wore glasses since 1st grade.  They were like chains around my ankles.  They also took my self confidence away.  So, to be free of the chains and once again feel confident about how I look.  The staff is so nice!  They always let me know what was going on and answered any questions and concerns I had and went out of their way to make me comfortable.  LASIK is awesome!  To see for the 1st time in 20-somthing years without thick glasses, it’s amazing!  It’s like a dream my 1st grade self never thought could come true!”                            ~Amber Spalding, Columbia, MO

lasik patient #81“Glasses were a hassle with fogging and breaking, etc.  Life in general is easier without dealing with glasses.  I have had great results!  I am so happy with my vision!  Dr. McGarity and his staff are very professional and helpful.  LASIK has exceeded my expectations!  I went from blind without glasses to seeing great!  I tell everyone that asks that it is worth the money!  I wish I would have done it sooner!”                    ~Jarrod Grove, Columbia, MO



lasik patient #80“I was just tired of messing with glasses and contacts.  I had come to the point I couldn’t wear the contacts all day.  I was then left with glasses, which I felt like I was constantly cleaning.  Not to mention if I left my glasses somewhere, I  needed help to find them.  Dr. McGarity and hiss staff are super!  They took all the time necessary to answer my questions.  I felt like they really cared.  Dr. McGarity even called the day of the surgery to make sure all was well.  That is nearly unheard of these days.  It is still hard to believe how well I can see-and with no help!  I find myself thinking I need to take out my contacts, but no!  I can see!  The only thing I would do different, would be to do it sooner!”                             ~Amber Guthrie, Moberly, MO


lasik patient #77“I just wanted the freedom from glasses.  Being able to do things like swim and ride roller coasters with my kids without having to worry about my glasses or not being able to see as wonderful.  Dr. McGarity and his staff are very friendly and professional.  Everything from start to finish is explained very well.  They put a lot of my fears to rest.  Having LASIK is awesome!  So glad I decided to do this.  It’s nice to be able to wake up in the middle of the night and not have to reach for the glasses to see!”                      ~Erika Furlong, Data Entry, Columbia, MO


“I had my left eye done in 1998.  I had to wear a contact lens in my right eye for distance correction and it became cumbersome.  I really can’t give an example of how the procedure could have been more efficient and streamlined.  Dr. McGarity and his staff are very professional and courteous.  LASIK has given me 20/20 vision in my right eye, which was the goal!”                          ~Jim Hackman, Franklin, MO

lasik patient #76“I was really tired of glasses and contacts were getting too much.  Dr. McGarity and his staff are just wonderful!  Dr. McGarity was so nice and helpful through the whole process.  Everyone here is just great!”            ~Chris Smith, Claims Processor, Columbia, MO




lasik patient #75“I was unable to wear contacts regularly because of increasing discomfort and was tired of relying on my glasses.  Dr. McGarity and his staff cared about my wellbeing and answered all of my questions.  The follow-up care was great!  They are true professionals!  Having LASIK has been life changing!  I feel free from the hassle of glasses and the pain I had with contacts.”                                ~Lisa Driskel Hawxby, Program Director-University of Missouri, Columbia, MO




lasik patient #74“After 25 years, I was tired of putting my finger in my eyes everyday.  I wanted the freedom of not having the burden of contacts or glasses.  Dr. McGarity is very nice, has a friendly staff and the office location was great!  Everyone answered all of my questions and I never felt pressured into the procedure.  Immediately after the procedure, I could already see better, by the evening, most of the discomfort has subsided.  Next day, I awoke, opened my eyes, and saw what I have been missing!!”                           ~Jason Goran, Centralia, MO



lasik patient #73“I was not happy with vision even with glasses.  I could not see my own face without glasses.  Dr. McGarity and his staff are extremely professional.  I am very happy with my results so far!”                        ~Karen Holloway, Holts Summit, MO





lasik patient #72“I wanted to be able to see without the burden of wearing glasses that get dirty, bent out of shape, broken, fogged up, etc.  And, I hate contact lenses…  Dr. McGarity and his staff are very friendly.  My procedure was quick and easy.  I never had to wait long for anything.  My vision is great.  It’s amazing being able to wake up and see clearly, without having to reach for my glasses.  My eyes feel a little dry at times, kind of like when wearing contacts, but not nearly as bad.”                                                                 ~Mitchell Mederios, Boonville, MO



lasik patient #70“I was tired of not seeing far away and having to mess with contacts and glasses.  Now that I have had LASIK, I am totally thrilled that I can see!  Dr. McGarity and his staff are so professional and make you feel comfortable.  I was very informed before the procedure.  It is a very surreal experience!”                          ~Shawna





lasik patient #68“I enjoy hunting, fishing and anything outdoors.  Contacts and glasses were a pain to deal with trying to do those things.  Now I can just grab my gear and go and know I’ll be about to see well when I’m up in the stand!  Dr. McGarity and his staff are extremely nice, thoughtful and courteous.  I was not just another patient, they took as much time as I needed to answer all of my questions or concerns.  My vision is Awesome!!!  I can see all of the leaves on the trees, pebbles, grass blades!  Everything is very distinct and sharp.  I have been missing a lot!  I notice little things every where I go!  I’m very Thankful to Dr. McGarity and his tremendous staff!!”                                                    ~Damon, Winner of our Father’s Day LASIK contest



lasik patient #69“I was tired of messing with contact lenses and it’s nice to wake up and see the clock and t.v.  Dr. McGarity was very willing to talk to you about any concerns.  Not very many doctors that I know, who are willing to give you their cell phone number and call to check on you the night of your procedure.  He has a very friendly staff!  I couldn’t be happier and very pleased with the results!  One week out and everything is going great!  I’d recommend Dr. McGarity to anyone interested in LASIK!”       ~Dustin




lasik patient #67“I have waited for years to have LASIK, but finally, I built up the courage to have the consult! Dr. McGarity and his staff made it an easy decision after that!  Dr. McGarity and his staff are very kind and concerned with patient understanding of the procedure, what to expect and the outcome, even after the surgery.  24 Hours after surgery, I can do all of the things I couldn’t do before without glasses!”                   ~Kelsy




lasik patient #66“Having such poor vision had always been a damper on my life.  It caused me a lot of anxiety any time I would take my glasses off, which means I wouldn’t swim, hated showers, and felt crazy anytime I couldn’t see.  Also, I sweat a lot and my glasses would always slide down my nose.  Dr. McGarity and his staff are friendly, personable and respectful at all times.  Very professional and easy to talk about money and schedule appointments.  They are all knowledgeable and answered all of my questions with easy to understand answers.  The office is immaculate!  My vision now is Amazing!  Totally life changing!”                           ~Nathan



“To be able to see when waking up at night and not have to deal with contacts anymore.  To not have to worry about loosing a contact and not being able to see clearly.  Dr. McGarity and his staff are very helpful and friendly.  Everything was explained to me very clearly!  Having LASIK has been amazing!  To be able to see clearly without having any discomfort.  I no longer have to worry about if I will be able to see or not!”                                   ~Justin

lasik patient #65“I just wanted to get away from contacts, to be able to just get up in the mornings and go without worrying about putting contacts in.  The staff is very friendly and Dr. McGarity was very helpful answering any questions I had along with following up with a personal phone call the night of surgery to check up on me.  My vision is great!  I have noticed little things that I can see now and love not having to squint to view things at long distances.”                         ~Kevin




lasik patient #63“As a captain with Boone County Fire District and Member of Missouri Task Force 1, I didn’t want to worry about having glasses if the Task Force was deployed.  My wife didn’t want me to have contacts, worrying I would get something under the contact and injure my eyes.  LASIK was the obvious choice.  Dr. McGarity and his staff are very caring and professional.  I had some anxiety about the surgery and the nursing staff worked diligently throughout the whole process.  I should have done this a long time ago.  It’s wonderful to not have to worry about where my glasses are anymore.  My vision is 20/20, first time since high school that it has been that way.”                       ~Matthew




lasik patient #71“I have been legally blind since I was seven without my glasses.  It severely limited my life.  I couldn’t swim.  I wanted to be able to do the things I want and lead a full, active life without being limited by my glasses.  Dr. McGarity and his staff are friendly, non-dismissive and skilled.  Dr. McGarity is very good at what he does.  Less than 24 hours after my procedure, I was able to read and see and recognize my own face in the mirror for the first time in fifteen years.  LASIK has been a life changing event, nothing short of a miracle for me!”                       ~Ryan



lasik patient #62“Glasses get in the way when doing things with my kids.  Dr. McGarity and his staff explain everything step by step and all are very nice.  My vision is good now!  I just had a little blurriness the first couple of days, which they said was normal.”                               ~Tanya





lasik patient #64“I was tired of every 3-4 months having to buy new glasses due to working construction.  I was also tired of not being able to see anything without having my glasses on.  Dr. McGarity and his staff were very courteous and professional.  Dr. McGarity explained the whole procedure and what to expect.  Everything went just like he said.  One week after my surgery, I am seeing 20/30 and was legally blind before.  My vision gets better everyday, just like he said it would.”           ~Justin




lasik patient #61“My eyes became allergic to contacts and glasses are hard to use in my line of work.  Dr. McGarity and his staff are all very nice and they fully explain everything that is going to happen and what they are doing.  They answer any and all of my questions and made me feel at home.  My vision is awesome!  I can wear my sunglasses again.  My vision is 10 times better and I don’t have to mess with glasses or solutions.  Amazing!                           ~Sam




lasik patient #60“I decided to look into LASIK because of my lifestyle and profession as an RN.  It makes wearing glasses cumbersome and uncomfortable.  It was just a daily hassle.  Dr.’s McGarity and Leipholtz and the entire staff have been very professional and kind throughout the entire process.  From explaining what to expect to being very thorough with instructions.”                                   ~Rachel




lasik patient #59“I chose to have LASIK because I didn’t want to deal with the hassle of dealing with contacts and glasses.  Dr. McGarity and his staff were very friendly and helpful.  They also were very thorough with the procedure.  My vision was great after the surgery and to be able to make out Dr. McGarity’s face was awesome!”                                         ~Rebecca





lasik patient #57“After 21 years with glasses, I decided I had enough.  No more crawling on my hands and knees when I’s knock my glasses off of the bedside table.  I am very nervous of having my eyes messed with.  Dr. McGarity and his staff were all wonderful and made me very comfortable!  After LASIK, my vision is Fantastic!”                                     ~Greg





lasik patient #56“I hated glasses and had dry eyes and allergies, which made wearing contacts a problem.  Dr. McGarity and his staff are professional, nice and fast.  After having LASIK, I can see very clearly.  Sometimes before bed, I still try to start taking out my contacts.”               ~Joey





lasik patient #55“I hated my glasses and wanted to be able to wear other sunglasses, other than just prescription!!  I have already recommended Dr. McGarity!  Dr. McGarity and his staff are very polite and kind.  Dr. McGarity showed kindness to me and my husband, Mark.  I love the freedom of no glasses and being able to see the leaves in the trees again!”                                ~Tina




lasik patient #53 “After coming in for my consult, I realized how quick the procedure would be.  And I had been ready to leave the hassle of my contacts and glasses behind for a long time.  Every single person in Dr. McGarity’s office was so nice and reassuring.  Dr. McGarity is very professional and talks you through every step.  LASIK is the best thing I’ve ever done.  At night, I still want to take my contacts out before bed and I don’t have to!  I can actually see!!  To wake up and see in the morning without contacts is something I couldn’t even remember anymore.”                        ~Crystal



lasik patient #52“I was getting eye infection after eye infection with contacts.  Working in construction, sweat would make my eyes burn pretty bad with contacts.  Dr. McGarity and staff are very friendly and knowledgeable.  My vision is perfect!!  It is the best money I’ve ever spent!”                     ~Brice





lasik patient #51“I was tired of wearing glasses and I was still having issues seeing, especially at night.  When I drove at night, I always saw halos.  Dr. McGarity and his staff are very friendly, courteous and helpful.  My vision is amazing!  My eyesight has improved and driving at night is much easier.  I no longer see halos!”                           ~Mellony





lasik patient #50“I decided to have LASIK as an improvement in vision, therefore quality of life.  Dr. McGarity and his staff were courteous, thorough, knowledgeable and patient oriented.  I am so happy with my vision!  It is a remarkable freedom that I had been unaware was available.  It has increased my personal confidence!”                         ~Karan





lasik patient #49“It feels so natural to not have to wear glasses!  I don’t have to worry about cost of glasses, where I put them or if they’ll get broken.  I have children.  It is so easy to get up go, hassle free!  Best thing I have done for myself!  I’ve heard great recommendations from many people.  Dr. McGarity and his staff work together on the same level.  They make everything understandable, gives explanation and made me very comfortable!  Dr. McGarity took the time to answer my questions, explain the procedure and best of all, called to follow up the same night!  This made me very comfortable, knowing that everyone cares!  Everyone is knowledgeable and made me feel safe during my procedure.  My vision is clear and perfect, just as if I had glasses, only even better now!  I see signs far away.  It is a natural feeling!  I wish I would have done this sooner.  It feels like a dream, a miracle!  This is the best thing I have ever done!”                     ~Vidia


lasik patient #48“After contemplating LASIK surgery for eight years, it was time to give up the contacts and wake up each morning to clear vision.  After exploring my options, it was obvious to me that iLASIK (all laser LASIK) was one of the most advanced and most precise procedures available!  I would without a doubt recommend Dr. McGarity and his staff to other patients considering this procedure.  The doctor and staff explained the entire procedure, benefit vs. risk, post-surgery care and patient expectations.  Everyone I encountered was attentive, professional and well trained.  I am very satisfied with my corrected vision.  My expectations as a patient and as a 30 year plus practicing pharmacist have been surpassed!  I have experienced no side effects to date and look forward to many years of corrected vision without the corrective lenses!”                         ~Scott


lasik patient #45“The overall inconvenience of the day-to-day exercise of contacts and glasses.  I could not have asked for a more caring group of individuals.  From the first evaluation, to how they treated my husband the day of surgery.  I would describe my vision now, 1 day after surgery, not as being able to see, but actually living.  I woke up this morning, the day after surgery, looked out the window and could see the individual leaves on a tree at the end of the block!”                           ~Micah




lasik patient #44“I had problems with the air drying out my contacts and I did not enjoy wearing my glasses at all.  The staff is very caring and can answer all questions and concerns you have.  Dr. McGarity also call after the procedure to check on you!  During the procedure, they walk you through each step.  Very relaxing atmosphere!  LASIK is a life changing experience.  The best thing I have done for myself!”                                ~Amanda




lasik patient #58“I hate glasses.  I have a very good friend who recommended the LASIK, so I checked into it.  I am so glad I did!  Dr. McGarity and his staff told me what to expect, no surprise.  I can see!  I can read almost everything.  Really small print is a challenge, but I can live with that.                ~Diana





lasik patient #47“I was tired of wearing glasses all of the time.  Dr. McGarity has a very friendly staff.  Dr. McGarity and his staff fully explain everything.  I am so excited to not have to wear glasses or worry about changing between prescription sunglasses and regular glasses!”                           ~Sherri





lasik patient #46“I didn’t wear glasses or contacts and my eyes were getting bad, so I decided to have LASIK.  Dr. McGarity and his staff were very professional and did a great job!  My vision is so much better!  I have 20/20 vision now!  I would definitely recommend getting LASIK done!”                       ~Joel





lasik patient #42“I decided to look into LASIK/PRK due to the cost of contact lenses.  I was able to get an affordable payment plan with PRK and now I never have to worry about contacts or eye visits again!  Dr. McGarity and his staff really want to make sure you are comfortable with the process.  They explained everything well and were very professional.  I look forward to my eye appointments here!  The vision came back quickly and the staff made sure everything was going okay in the numerous follow-up appointments.  I am very happy with the results!”                       ~Andrew



lasik patient #41“I actually have never worn glasses or contacts.  My vision had gotten worse over the years and I needed to do something.  Rather than the hassle and ongoing expense of glasses and contacts, I decided to correct my vision with LASIK.  Dr. McGarity and his staff are truly exceptional.  Everyone was courteous, intelligent and explained the process thoroughly.  Dr. McGarity called and text messaged me the evening of my procedure to see how I felt.  It is the first day, but I already see a dramatic improvement.  Having never worn glasses or contacts, I didn’t even know what I was missing!”                                 ~Jim



lasik patient #36“I was wearing glasses ever since I was a small child and wanted the convenience of seeing with my own eyes.  Wearing glasses and contacts grew wearisome.  Dr. McGarity was very thorough in his explanations of the procedure.  The entire practice was very kind and caring!  Opening my eyes and seeing the detailed leaves of the trees clearly was like a miracle!”             ~Michael




lasik patient #40“I wore glasses or contacts since I was 9 years old.  I heard so many wonderful things about LASIK and a friend came to Dr. McGarity, so I decided to come in for a consultation.  Dr. McGarity and his entire staff are so nice and caring.  They took the time to answer ALL of my questions.  I am in total shock!  I never really believed LASIK would work like this.  Day after surgery, I have 20/20 vision!!”                                         ~Beth




lasik patient #39“I never liked glasses and my contacts weren’t always comfortable.  I also like to water ski and contacts were a big hassle.  Dr. McGarity and his staff were great!  They did a good job answering questions and explaining the procedure.  They really care about their patients.  After only 1 day, my vision is very good!  I don’t miss my glasses!”                     ~Kevin




lasik patient #38“My eyes were horrible and had been since I was 14 years old.  I really had no problems with my contacts over the last 30 years, but decided that for my long term eye health that I should move forward with LASIK.  I’m not a fan of glasses.  Dr. McGarity and his staff are amazing!  They are very professional with a caring attitude.  All of my options were explained and my surgery day was very comforting!  I appreciate that Dr. McGarity called me at 8:00pm to check on me!  I have been -5.50 in both eyes since I was a kid and couldn’t read or recognize anything unless it was 10 inches in front of my face.  NOW, for the first time, I can wake up, see the alarm clock, watch t.v., not fumble around without the aid of glasses or contacts.  AWESOME!!”                                 ~Greg



lasik patient #37“My eyes were too bad to wear contacts anymore, so I looked into LASIK.  Glasses became an inconvenience.  Dr. McGarity and his staff were understanding of how I felt.  They answered any questions and concerns I had.  The overall experience was amazing!  I can see!  I was so excited when I woke up and could see the time without having to reach for my glasses first.”             ~Heidi




lasik patient #34“My lifestyle was too active with construction and outdoors.  Glasses always got in the way and were a nuisance.  Dr. McGarity and his staff were friendly and professional.  Everything went smoothly and actually went better than expected.  My vision is great!”            ~Blaine





lasik patient #33“I was so tired of putting contacts in and taking them out everyday.  My eyes always felt tired.  I was just ready to be done!  Dr. McGarity and his staff are so knowledgeable and so nice.  They walked me through the whole process and were always willing to answer questions.  I love that when I wake up, I can open my eyes and see everything!”                      ~Stefanie




lasik patient #35“I felt my vision was not very good with my contacts and I hated wearing my glasses.  Dr. McGarity and his staff are wonderful to work with.  They are very polite, caring and informative.  They explained every step of the process before performing it.  My vision is where it was with my glasses within 24 hours of the procedure.  I am very pleased and wish I would have done it a long time ago.”              ~Jennifer




lasik patient #32“I decided to have LASIK because I hope to be a federal law enforcement agent someday.  The federal agencies require great vision and discourage the use of glasses.  Dr. McGarity and his staff are confident and reassuring.  They won’t perform the operation unless there in no great risk.  My first appointment for candidacy was unsuccessful, so the staff had me wait until my eyes were better.  They care about safety more than anything.  My vision is now 20/20!  Today is the first time I’ve ever driven without glasses or contacts.  It is really a great feeling!”                  ~Michael



lasik patient #31“Deciding to have LASIK was actually the hardest part for me because my glasses had become a part of my identity.  After talking about it with my family and researching LASIK online, I came to the conclusion that the surgery was right for me.  Dr. McGarity and his staff did a phenomenal job of caring for me on the day of surgery.  I cam into the surgery with a ‘blind’ eye, but because of their efforts, I am leaving a new man.  I would recommend their services to anyone!  The day after my surgery, waking up and being able to see trees and people without my glasses is amazing!  It’s like ‘high definition!’  The cool thing is, it’s only going to get better!”                                  ~Brendan



lasik patient #29“Contacts always seemed to dry my eyes out.  Glasses were always fogged up, smeared, or simply would not stay in place.   Dr. McGarity is very sincere and courteous, from the first time I walked into the office, I felt very welcome.  They staff is very knowledgeable and answered questions before I asked them.  Highly recommended!  I slept the majority of surgery day, but day after, I have a little halo effect.  There is no pain or irritation and I can see!”                             ~Crystal




lasik patient #30“I have been wearing glasses for over 20 years and I just felt like it was time for a change.  I love water sports and just being able to have a free life.  LASIK was definitely the way to go for me.  Dr. McGarity was extremely professional and concerned about every part of the surgery and the healing process.  His staff follow suit.  My vision has changed leaps and bounds.  I feel great about my decision!”                                 ~Trevor




lasik patient #27“I have always found my glasses to be burdensome.  Especially as a runner and outdoor enthusiast, constantly cleaning my glasses and dealing with scratches was very annoying.  Dr. McGarity and everyone are very accommodating and friendly.  They make sure you know exactly what you are going in to and what your expectations should be.  They made the process from start to finish very easy.  I couldn’t be happier!!  One month after my PRK and I’m 20/20!  Everything was 100% worth it, and I would recommend the procedure to anyone interested!”                 ~Rob




lasik patient #54

“I had been wearing glasses/contacts for 20 years.  It  was a daily hassle taking contacts out and putting glasses where kids can’t get them.  I wanted the freedom to wake up in the morning and go to bed at night without worrying about seeing!!  I have never been to ANY doctor’s office that felt so warm and caring.  No doctor has given out a cell phone number for emergencies and actually answered when I called and then called back to check on me.  I went through a couple of rough days because of the surgery I had, but I would do it all over again 100 times.  The freedom from glasses and contacts is priceless!!”                            ~Kenna



“I was tired of messing with contacts.  With work, I won’t have to worry about getting dirt under my contacts.  LASIK seemed more convenient for my life style.  Dr. McGarity and his staff were real professional.  They talked me through the surgery and made me feel very comfortable.  LASIK is amazing!  I can see better now without contacts or glasses than ever before!”                          ~Matt


lasik patient #25“Glasses and contacts were not fitting the lifestyle of mine anymore.  I kept getting eye infections from contacts, it just was a pain!  Dr. McGarity and staff are great, friendly, attentive and knowledgeable.  Not once did I feel uncomfortable about the procedure.  I am going to tell everyone interested in LASIK to come here!  My vision is amazing!  I never thought I would be able to see this good!  It really is a dream come true!!  Thank you so much!”                      ~Jerri




lasik patient #23“I never felt like I could see well, even with different prescriptions from different doctors.  I wanted LASIK to be able to see all of the time and have the ease of no contacts to worry about during allergy season.  Dr. McGarity and staff are so personable, flexible and professional.  The procedure was very quick and comfortable.  The pricing and financing was perfect!  I love the difference after only 24 hours.  Things are bright and clear!  I didn’t know what I wasn’t seeing!”                                      ~Marilyn




lasik patient #24“I could no longer wear contacts because my eyes were too dry.  With glasses, I felt like I lost my peripheral vision and they were uncomfortable.  They were in the way when gardening, biking and playing with my dogs.  Dr. McGarity and his staff are very professional and understanding that this can be scary and they did everything they could to calm my fears.  It’s been less than 24 hours, but my vision is 20/20!  It’s great to get up in the morning and be able to see!”            ~Jennifer




lasik patient #22“LASIK made sense for me because of my active lifestyle.  I work long hours on a computer, travel often and play a variety of sports.  Being able to be free of contacts and glasses is something that I have been looking forward to for a long time.  Dr. McGarity and his staff are extremely courteous, friendly and forthcoming about the procedure.  I never felt pressured to schedule the surgery, just very at ease with the competency of the office.  I am so excited and relieved my vision is so crisp and clear!”                                    ~Meghanne



lasik patient #21“I value clarity of vision and frankly got tired of cleaning my glasses multiple times a day.  I decided LASIK was the way to go.  I checked into LASIK years ago and finally decided to ‘just do it!’  Dr. McGarity and his whole staff are efficient, courteous, professional and caring.  Dr. McGarity’s reputation is deservedly excellent!  I am so happy!  My distance vision is improving every day.  It takes a little time to adjust to seeing well again, but it is a good adjustment to have to make!”                                ~Melinda




lasik patient #19“I had been in contacts for 15-20 years.  My eyes were getting tired of them sooner each day.  I had difficulty only wearing them for 2 weeks at a time.  If my children caught any eye infection, it was 10 times worse when I got it in contacts.  It was a very smooth, comfortable and informed process.  The procedure was very quick with very little discomfort.  The post-op care directions were great and recovery was a very minor ordeal.  Just one day after surgery, my vision was 20/20 and they say it only gets sharper as we heal.  I can’t wait!”                         ~Glenn



lp #1“I have a condition where I needed to have expensive contact lenses.  I also play sports, so glasses didn’t work with my lifestyle.  Dr. McGarity and his staff are experienced and very nice.  LASIK is amazing!  I can’t believe I didn’t have it sooner!”                            ~Anna





lasik patient #18“My wife had LASIK done and loved it.  I was ready to not have to deal with contacts, solution and glasses anymore.  Dr. McGarity and his staff are very professional.  They make sure you understand what is going on and what is going to happen next.  They act like they care about your health.  My vision is great!  I love it!”                                    ~Tim





“I got my first glasses in the 1st grade and the first thing I noticed was that my mother had freckles.  Forty-five years later I got LASIK done, after a 20 year wait.  Dr. McGarity is truly caring.  I love how authentic he is and his genuine concern.  Especially his call at 8pm after surgery to check up on me.  It is amazing to be able to see street signs and buildings in the distance without glasses.  I hope this will help my deer hunting this year!”                      ~Tim


“I had to get LASIK in order to compete for a pilot rating in the Air Force.  I also didn’t like the occasional inconvenience or discomfort with contacts.  Dr. McGarity’s staff were highly professional while quite warm and friendly.  Dr. McGarity seemed to be highly skilled and confident.  I love the feeling of seeing so well without correction.  There is a sense of freedom to having LASIK!”                                     ~Dainec


“I couldn’t find contacts that worked for me anymore.  Wearing glasses get in the way of so many activities that I wanted to do, but avoided especially swimming.  Dr. McGarity and his staff are friendly.  They explain everything that will be done in detail.  It is great now to be able to see the alarm clock every morning!  I am enjoying being able to read and drive without glasses!”        ~Jacque


“I was tired of putting contacts in every morning and taking them out every night.  I was also tired of dealing with the uncomfortable feeling of something stuck on the contacts.  At Dr. McGarity’s office, I wasn’t just another patient to him and his staff.  They all treated me like a familiar face.  LASIK definitely takes some getting use to, but I’m an avid reader and I was plowing through a novel the day after surgery.”                                ~Jodi


lasik patient #17“I enjoy seeing life without contacts.  Dr. McGarity and his staff answered all of my questions and made me feel like it was no big deal and it really wasn’t!  One week later, my vision is great and getting better every day!!”                              ~Doug





lasik patient #16“I wanted to be able to see throughout the day, from right when I wake up til the time I go to bed, without worrying about my contacts drying out or losing my glasses.  I wanted to travel without packing a bag for my contacts and equipment.  I also wanted to be able to swim without goggles.  The staff has been incredibly helpful, thorough, and patient.  The entire staff made me feel comfortable about the procedure.  Being able to see has been an incredible experience for me.  I am most aware of being able to see in the morning and evening, when I wouldn’t have my contacts in.  It’s a whole new appreciation for my vision!     ~Robin




lasik patient #15“I choose LASIK as a new lifestyle and cost-saving choice.  I was tired of wearing glasses.  Each year I do one big thing for myself and in 2013 it was LASIK.  The price is competitive and the discounts were also very helpful.  The office is conveniently located.  The procedure was quick and painless.  My vision now is great.  I can see perfectly without assistance or squinting.  LASIK was a great decision for me!! I would recommend Dr. McGarity to others!”      ~Rahgy




lasik patient #14“I was tired of messing with contacts and glasses.  My eyes would burn by the end of the day.  Everything was explained well and they answered all of my questions.  The staff is very nice.  I would do it again.  I can see my computer all day and still see when I drive home.”          ~Shane





lasik patient #13“I’d always wanted LASIK because contacts were uncomfortable, glasses got dirty so easily, fell off my face and gave me headaches.  Now I was able to do it!  The entire staff is very helpful from the moment you step into the office til the moment you leave.  They walk you through every step and do their up most to make sure you are comfortable.  When I came in for my post op, I had 20/20 vision!  Being able to open your eyes and see is amazing!  I would recommend the procedure anyday because opening your eyes and being able to see clearly is actually possible!          ~Rocchina




lasik patient #8

“Glasses were always in the way.  Dr. McGarity and staff are always friendly and make you feel comfortable.  The appointments are quick and easy.”    ~Matt





lasik patient #9“My glasses were always dirty, scratched and in the way.  Now, I don’t need glasses!  Everyone here is extremely nice and helpful.  There is a genuine concern for my eye care needs.”                ~Steven





lasik patient #10“I wanted to wake up and be able to see without hunting for my glasses.  I have struggled for many years with contacts, dry eye and glasses.  Staff and Dr. McGarity are so nice, warm and caring.  It’s like your family is taking care of you!  I am very happy and my vision is fantastic!”       ~Beth





lasik patient #11“I got tired of squinting all of the time.  Dr. McGarity takes the time to explain the whole process and what to expect, which helps put you at ease.  My vision is much better!  I am very happy!”                                 ~Bill





lasik patient #12“I wanted freedom from glasses while doing outside activities.  After my procedure, I experienced excellent distance vision immediately.  Dr. McGarity call the night of my procedure to check on me.  Very kind and friendly staff!”         ~Lloyd





“My experience was absolutely outstanding.  Dr. McGarity, Dr. Leipholtz and staff were caring, helpful and courteous.  Being able to see without glasses or contacts is a dream come true.  They changed my life forever!”    ~Amanda





“Dr. McGarity and his staff have opened my eyes to a whole new light!”      ~Carrie





“I loved my experience.  I never imagined having great vision without glasses or contacts until now!”     ~Lyndsey





“I have been wearing glasses/contacts since I was in third grade.  I have always thought about having LASIK, but was scared to try it.  After going through the consult, I was ready to do this.  After day one of post op, I can’t believe how well I see without contacts.  I would encourage anyone thinking of surgery to have it done.  I wish I did it sooner!”     ~Cindy




“Dr. McGarity and his staff go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and safe before, during and after your procedure.  I would recommend them to my friends and family without hesitation.”      ~Brandi





“Dr. McGarity and staff are wonderful!  From the initial appointment to the procedure and follow-ups, you feel well taken care of and listened to.  It’s an amazing feeling to realize that you can see everything and haven’t had to put in contacts or wear glasses.  It’s a very surreal feeling after wearing glasses/contacts for 25 years.  I’d highly recommend them!”     ~Lauren




“I am an EMT and wearing contacts and glasses made my job a little harder.  Dr. McGarity and staff talk you through each step of the procedure.  They are all very nice and helpful and someone is available to answer questions, no matter the time of day.  I feel my vision is much better.  It is nice to be able to wake up and see what time it is!”        ~Katelyn


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