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Dr. Tim McGarity's Visian Toric ICL Certification for nearsightedness and astagmatism

Restoration Eye Care is excited to congratulate Dr. Timothy McGarity for receiving his certification to perform the Visian® Toric ICL procedure.  This certification broadens the range of tools that Restoration Eye Care uses to bring our clients more perfect vision.  Dr. McGarity is the only surgeon in mid-Missouri who has been certified to perform the Visian ICL procedure. And now, with FDA approval, Dr. Timothy McGarity is the only surgeon in the area allowed to perform the Visian® Toric ICL surgery.


Dr. Tim McGarity's Visian Toric ICL Certification for nearsightedness and astagmatism

What is Visian® Toric ICL?

An ICL is an “Implantable Collamer Lens”; a contact that is implanted in the eye permanently.  This new ICL procedure is identical in many ways to the current ICL procedure which Dr. Timothy McGarity offers. According to the FDA, “The Visian® Toric ICL is an artificial lens that is permanently implanted inside the eye behind the iris and in front of the natural lens.”  While the FDA only recently approved the procedure in the U.S., over 450,000 ICL procedures have been performed worldwide in the last 17 years.

Although Visian® Toric ICL surgery is similar to other implant procedures, advances in technology mean that current certification is essential to ensure patient comfort and success.  The fitting techniques that make Visian® Toric ICL a great option for people with astigmatism require extra subtlety and skill on the part of the surgeon.  At Restoration Eye Care, we believe our doctors and staff should have the most current and thorough training available.

Is Visian® Toric ICL right for me?

Visian® Toric ICL might be right for you if you have severe astigmatism.  For some people who need a high degree of vision correction, Visian® Toric ICL could be preferable to LASIK.  At Restoration Eye Care, we’re committed to finding the most effective course of action to improve your vision.  When you schedule a consultation, we’ll review your vision-correction options and work together to plan for the future of your vision!

As always, you can trust the doctors and staff at Restoration Eye Care to have their eyes on the horizon for the most effective methods to improve your vision.

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