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Every medical procedure or medical device comes with downsides and risks.  Work together with your eye doctor to find the best solution for your eyes.

One of the most common ways to correct vision is by wearing the contact lenses.  Contact lenses are a great alternative to glasses when participating in sports, getting your picture taken, or when you want to wear stylish sunglasses.  Some people just find glasses uncomfortable, too!

Risks of Contact Lens Use

An educated contact wearer is a healthy contact wearer.  While this list isn’t meant to scare you away from contact use, knowing how contacts may affect your eyes can help you make good choices.

  • Corneal Reshaping This one is unfortunately unavoidable.  Consistent contact lens wear can result in temporary or permanent corneal reshaping.  When patients come to Restoration Eye Care, we have to ask them to discontinue contact lens use for 2 weeks prior to a LASIK consult, so their corneas can return to a more stable shape.
  • Corneal Ulcers These are open sores on the outer layer of the cornea- usually caused by infections.  Make sure to keep up proper contact hygiene to avoid these.
  • Corneal Abrasion If a particle gets caught between your eye and your contact or between your eyelid and your contact, this could result in corneal abrasions and permanent corneal scarring.
  • Eye Infection Poor handling of contacts or wearing them outside the recommended time frame can result in an eye infection.  Infections are uncomfortable and come with other risks, like permanent vision loss.

If you experience a sudden onset of symptoms or change in your vision, Restoration Eye Care can get you a same-day appointment Monday through Thursday- call 573-441-7070.  If we’re not open, and you experience sudden severe irritation or change in vision, please visit your nearest urgent care or emergency room.  Some eye conditions can have detrimental effects on your sight within hours- don’t risk it by waiting it out.

Safe Contact Use is in Your Hands

Many of the scary things that can happen to contact lens wearers are completely avoidable- so read on to see how you can correct your vision and keep your eyes healthy at the same time!

  • Keep Clean:  Properly clean your hands before inserting or removing contact lenses.  Keep your case clean, and never “top off” your solution. Different types of contact lenses may need to be periodically sterilized- so make sure to get clear with your optometrist about what products you should/can use.
  • Follow the Schedule: Don’t wear your contacts for longer than recommended, and don’t sleep in your contacts.  Throw them away after the recommended wear period.
  • Travel Smart  Who wants an eye infection on vacation?  Don’t fall down on your clean contact routine while traveling.  Buy a small travel kit, and be just as diligent about contact care while traveling for work or pleasure.
  • Don’t Swim/Expose Contacts to Water  Don’t expose your contacts to any water; tap, lake, pool, or otherwise.  Exposure to tap and distilled water can put you at risk for acanthamoeba keratitis, a type of corneal infection that’s resistant to treatment and cure.

Along with all of those tips, make sure to only buy contacts with a current prescription provided by an eye doctor.  It’s actually illegal for providers to sell contact lenses without a prescription, so be wary of websites or businesses that offer contacts for sale without a prescription.


Restoration Recommendations

Take care of your eyes!  Making your eye-comfort and eyesight a priority is something you’ll never regret.

  • See an eye doctor regularly.  They can document and observe changes to your eyes that you might not notice until it’s too late.
  • Your contact care routine will be specific to your lifestyle and the type of contacts you wear- get detailed instructions from your eye doctor before you go home with your lenses.
  • If you have a teen in the house or care for an older adult, make sure they follow all of the contact lens advice above- both teens and the elderly are at higher risk for eye infections related to contact lens wear.


Tired of contacts and glasses?  At Restoration Eye Care, we provide the highest standard in vision correction procedures- schedule a consultation toady!

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