At our vision correction center, Dr. McGarity performs surgery using phacoemulsification. Using ultrasound technology, phacoemulsification gently dissolves and aspirates the cataract from the eye. Then a customized, prescription lens, known as an intraocular lens (IOL), is permanently inserted in your eye. The PRE is helpful in providing the most accurate measurements to select the best IOL prescription for your eye and for uncovering any hidden eye problems which might interfere with the results of cataract surgery. The goal is to give you high definition vision, if possible, with cataract surgery.

The Initial Cataract Evaluation

During your cataract evaluation our highly skilled medical staff will perform a full dilated examination of your eye to determine whether or not you have a cataract as well as the general health of your eye. If it is determined that your cataract is ready to be safely removed then you will be able to schedule your cataract surgery. You will also be able to meet with our Cataract Counselor to determine what Cataract Surgery options you best qualify for.

The Preoperative Refractive Evaluation (PRE)

After your initial evaluation, you may schedule a PRE on a separate day sometime shortly before your Cataract Surgery. During this evaluation, your eyes are typically not dilated and we perform a multitude of advanced diagnostic tests above and beyond what we performed during the initial cataract evaluation. The high definition measurements taken during PRE are uploaded into the software which objectively plans your cataract surgery. You will meet with the team on this day to discuss the results of the testing and options for cataract surgery.