My eyes are always watery or tearing, how can I have “dry eye”?
Dry eye is a broad term used to describe a number of ocular surface issues. In many cases excessive tearing is simply your tear duct trying to compensate for other issues that you may be experiencing. The full extent of this can often be determined during an ocular health evaluation.
Are ocular surface health treatments covered by insurance?
The diagnosis and evaluation of ocular surface issues are typically covered by most insurance plans. Insurance coverage of ocular surface condition varies from treatment to treatment. You will meet with our ocular surface health coordinator prior to any treatment in order to be fully educated on your treatment options, as well as have any questions that you may have answered.
Can cosmetic products cause an ocular surface issue or dry eye?
Sometimes application of cosmetic products can block the glands in your eye that produce oils and tears that protect and lubricate your eye. This can often be treated in our clinic through one of our therapeutic procedures.
Can a LASIK procedure cause dry eye?
While tear production can be affected by a LASIK procedure, the irritating symptoms of dry eye are also often either masked by or attributed to contact lenses. When a patient has a LASIK procedure, they are then able to be aware of the symptoms of dry eye, and often perceive this as being caused by their vision correction procedure. When considering a vision correction procedure such as LASIK, it is important to also be evaluated for ocular surface health issues.