We have provided a list of the most frequently asked questions about iLASIK for individuals who are interested in learning more about this exciting procedure.
What is iLASIK surgery?
iLASIK is an FDA-approved, all-laser vision correction procedure that uses proprietary technology to measure the unique characteristics of your eye and provide a completely customized correction for exceptional visual clarity. It is among the most common surgeries performed worldwide, proving to be safe and effective. iLASIK has the added advantage of being 100% blade-free.
How long does the procedure take?
iLASIK is a very brief procedure, taking 15-20 minutes to correct both eyes. Patients find they are in the office for around two hours.
Am I out during the procedure?
No, due to the briefness of the surgery, no general anesthesia is used. All patients will receive numbing eye drops before the procedure. Anti-anxiety medications such as Valium are no longer used, as patient participation is necessary for the best results.
Is the procedure painful?
Patients will experience pressure as a flap is created for treatment. Moderate discomfort can be expected shortly after the procedure with burning and stinging sensations and the feeling of having sand or an eyelash in your eye. This can last up to 3 days postoperatively. Patients are able to use over-the-counter pain medications for discomfort following surgery.
Do patients have perfect vision right after surgery?
Patients will have noticeably better vision immediately after surgery, but it can take 3-6 months to become stable. Blurriness, floaters, starbursts, halos, and light sensitivity can be common during this recovery period.
How do I know if I qualify for iLASIK?
Our free consultation lets patients know if iLASIK will be a good fit for them. Our highly advanced iDesign refractive studio creates a 3D corneal map of each individual’s eye for the most precise surgical results. This machine detects and measures visual .imperfections 25x more precise than standard methods used for contact and glasses prescriptions.
How is the procedure performed?
Two sophisticated state-of-the- art medical lasers are used during the surgery: the Femtosecond laser creates a thin flap to prepare the cornea for treatment, and the ultra-precise Excimer laser is used to gently reshape the cornea based on the digital information from the iDesign refractive studio.
How much does iLASIK cost?
iLASIK prices vary depending on the technology used and experience of the surgeon, ranging anywhere between $4200.00 to $5000.00 for both eyes. Those who carry vision plans will receive anywhere between a 10-15% savings, depending on the company. Call our office at (573)441-7070 to get you pricing today!
Why are some LASIK surgeries priced at $299 an eye?
When you hear things are too good to be true, they usually are. In many cases cheap LASIK surgery means one of two things; additional charges are added for upgraded technology, post op visits, etc., or the surgeon is skimping on important protocol such as maintaining and calibrating the equipment and software used. Individuals receiving iLASIK are opting into a truly customized procedure whereas standard LASIK is usually the only option available for discount LASIK.
What are disqualifying factors for iLASIK?
  • You must be between the ages of 18-60
  • Autoimmune Diseases – (uncontrolled diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, MS)
  • Use of medications with Accutane as a main ingredient (mainly found in acne medications)
  • Keratoconus or abnormal corneal topography
  • Pregnant or nursing – needs to be finished nursing for at least 3 months

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