Dr. Timothy McGarity

Dr. Timothy McGarity

Dr. McGarity has been practicing in Columbia, MO, since 2003 and has been Restoration Eye Care’s cataract surgeon since acquiring the practice in 2011. In addition to treating patients in his clinic, Dr. McGarity periodically volunteers his time at Harry S. Truman V.A. Hospital to help provide surgical care for veterans. He also routinely lectures and trains other physicians in the practice of ophthalmology.

Dr. McGarity is a board certified ophthalmologist with the American Board of Ophthalmology and he holds an active state license to practice medicine and surgery in the state of Missouri.

How does technology drive your practice?

Technology drives everything about our practice. From using our website and videos to educate patients to our EMR, we use available technology to give patients the best care possible.

How do patients benefit from your use of technology?

We are able to achieve tailored and targeted surgical results using the clinical patient data collected from our various advanced technology diagnostic devices. Technology allows us to perform Constant Comparative Analysis on testing results, observe any discrete variations, and utilize “forecasting software” to predict the best outcomes. Our software takes each patient’s results and customizes outcomes to help deliver even more accurate results for future patients. These tailored results allow patients to have more choices in their advanced cataract surgery, glaucoma implants and various laser treatments including iLASIK.

Dr. Josia Leipholtz

Dr. Josia Leipholtz

Dr. Leipholtz joined Restoration Eye Care in 2012, and provides patients with both preoperative and postoperative care. She enjoys working with cataract and refractive cataract patients, and brings a great deal of experience in those areas to our patients.

What makes our team here at REC wonderful to work with and be around?

REC has a kind and caring staff that is highly knowledgeable and efficient. Our team cares about each individual patient experience and makes every effort to make patients feel well cared for. Personally, we all work well together and are happy to help each other out.

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