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As an alumnus of the University of Missouri, Dr. McGarity has been involved in the University of Missouri’s tradition of excellence in education, healthcare, and the communities of Columbia for over a decade.  This is why he  introduced the industry-leading Intralase™ and iDESIGN® Refractive Studio™ technology to Mid-Missouri, and is proud to be the only Lasik surgeon in Mid-Missouri to offer this Custom, All-Laser procedure to his patients. This means that not only is the procedure 100% blade-free, it is also custom mapped to your eye.

Not only do we want to offer employees (including their families) and students of the University of Missouri the safest and most effective laser vision procedure available from Columbia’s most experienced All-Laser Lasik surgeon, we would also like to offer you a 15% savings on that procedure! 

From the first complementary screening visit to the final post-operative visit, we strive to give our patients their best vision possible, in a warm and welcoming environment.  Contact our Lasik Counselor today to set up your free Lasik Screening!

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